Fidgeting this spinner may cause: black holes, portals to other dimensions, space time continuum disruptions, time dilations, electromagnetic fields vortexes, nuclear meltdowns, cold fusion, hot fusion, hot coco, alien abductions, alien clown invasions etc..  

Fidget responsibly!

Antimatter spinner is my custom modular spinner platform and it’s a goal is to be The Most Customizable Spinner in the World!

Assembly/Bearing Retention

Features a “no-screws” assembly- everything is held together with the bearing retainer which utilizes my very own “P-LBRS” (Pre-loaded bearing retention system) that is unique to my spinners.

Antimatter spinner has 2 piece frame construction which sandwiches inlays and end weight inserts which are available in a wide range of materials including but not limited to Timascus, Damascus, Mokume, Superconductor. You can change the look and rotating weight of your spinner by changing to end inserts and inlays of different material.


Why is it a modular system?

(Custom buttons + weights + inlays + body frames) X different finishing options = immense customization possibilities and an empty canvas for a galore of exotic material combinations!

This platform is my way of sharing my love for the amazing and sought-after  materials originating from the custom knife world.

Manufacturing and Craftsmanship

This design requires very precise machining in order to work and mate all the parts together perfectly. Each half of the body has to be machined on both sides in order to make this design work and the same goes for all the weights. Aside from the complicated machining that goes into these spinners there also is a lot of hand finishing, fitting and balancing that is involved that overshadows the machining portion in terms of time and labor and truly makes this a hand-made spinner. I strive to make all Antimatter spinners unique pieces of my art.

Spinner Order page

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Proudly made in the USA in the state of Washington